An example of a Baby's stats with the message "Handsome as his Father!"

Baby Stats
are a mechanic for the Baby, that can record his health, temperature, and oxygen that Daddy can see if he's okay or not. When playing as the Daddy he can find out if he's okay or not by having the cursor on the Baby that will show the Baby's stats that will show his health, temperature, and oxygen. Another way Daddy can tell if the Baby's stats is skin changing. The Baby's skin color can change when his stats change too. This can also make Daddy tell his stats easier sometimes. Some messages like "Handsome as your father" can also be showed with the Baby's stats. The Baby can also tell his stats with his two radial stat charts. The greenish one (left) being his health, and the colorless one (right) being his sprinting.

Skin Color Changing Edit

The Baby also has a ability to change his skin while his stats also change.

  • His skin can change to a greenish color when his health is down
  • His skin can change to a pinkish color when he "starts" losing oxiygen
  • His skin can change to a purplish color when his oxygen is low
  • His skin can change to a blackish color when his temperature is high
  • His skin can change to a blueish color when his temperature is low
  • His skin can change to a low-saturation blueish color when he douches in Gasoline

Trivia Edit

  • The stats also is another way to tell if a baby is dying

Gallery Edit

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